Photivo vs Lightroom - A comparison and tutorial

Photivo is an open source RAW photo editing program that is cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). I have known about Photivo for quite a few years. In the past, I tried it just a handful of times but generally always found it quite cumbersome to install (successfully) and a bit confusing to use. Recently I decided to try it again. I must admit, feature wise, Photivo might be one of the best RAW photo editors existing for Linux. Even after getting familiar with it though, I still find it a bit awkward and tedious to use.

Here is my basic video review and tutorial of Photivo.
The tutorial below shows a professional making edits on a photo using Lightroom and compares that with me making similar edits in Photivo. The object of this tutorial is not so show which program is superior, it is simply to demonstrate (mostly to myself) that Linux and open source software can in fact be used in most of the same ways more expensive software is used.

Previously I did a very similar tutorial comparing Lightroom to Darktable. You can find that tutorial here.

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