Design a Landscape - Tree in Sunset

Note: This tutorial was the first tutorial I ever did. Because of this, it is not exactly that great of a tutorial. Rather than step by step instructions, it is more or less a guide on how to do something like the picture you see above if you are already somewhat familiar with Inkscape. I decided to do a better, more updated version. Version 2 if you will. You can find it here. I am keeping this original tutorial mainly because I just don't want to delete anything. Again; I suggest you go to this better tutorial.

For this tutorial, we will be making a nice sunset landscaping scene.  This is pretty easy to do but can look pretty nice.  We will be using mostly Inkscape, but will use the Gimp some to help us with our initial tree (Inkscape and Gimp are both free program often used as a replacement for Illustrator or Photoshop).

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